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with other different Volvos in Melle 2007

For the 8.th time on the festival sqare in front of the wave bath in Melle the international Lapplander meeting happened, remarkable and elaborate organized by Fank Hemmen. Nearly 20 Volvo-cars from the series C202 and C303 in differend military and civilian configurations arrived, most of them joined the outing into the miry forest. Crossie, Ingrid und me have been in place 2007.

Here some pages with pictures taken by Ingrid in Melle 2007, where we met a lot of nice people from five different countries. We apologize for not remembering everyones name...

Here the link to the corresponding thread in my forum.

by Ingrid


the camp

on the festival square/p>


group picture

and single oldies


the ride

little outing


the forest

green idyll


in the mud

slippery slush



with assistance


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