2 x c303 + volvo emblem 1974

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Some of Viktors pictures of the meeting in Melle 2006

Since 2000 Frank Hemmen organized an international meeting of friends of the C202- und L33xx in Melle, where meanwhile some C303 appear. The festival ground near the Wellenfreibad in Melle is quied and in central position and signposted from the highway exit Melle-West (ca. 1 km).

In may 2007 the website of frank seemed to be quite dead, pictures of the meeting 2006 are missing and two links for pages about the meeting 2007 are leading to nowhere...

group of "valpen", Volvo L3314, L3304, C202 and the newer C303

An old tank hunter L3304 - predecessor of the TGB-1111

A nice renovated C303 in civil colors

A special TGB-1111, based on C303 for anti tank missile Robot 56 BILL - very rare!

stabilizing feet in the front and backwars doors of the C303-chassis

stabilizing feet and C303-chassis with storage box in the back


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