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Snowchains for our Volvo C303

snowchain overview

A snowchain flat for a wheel size 280/85-16 or even a little bit bigger on the ground. The both chains on the sides are shorter, to fit along the side of the tyre with a smaller diameter, the middle chains are as long as the circumfence of the tyre. The side chains are about 2 m long, each complete chain is nearly 16 kg.

This is the end of the snowchain without locking elements - the four chains just end with open chain links.

end of the snowchain without hooks
end of the snowchain with locking hooks

This is the end of the snow chain with locking elements. The side chains have a locking mechanism to push through, turn down and hook into an open chain link. The middle chains have a special lock link.

At first you can connect one of the side chains with its lock to push through. At this side chain there is one free chain link to hook the lock on after turning down.

side chain closed
locks of the side chain

This picture shows the locking mechanism again in the moment of pushing through the last free chain link just before turning down.

After the side chains the middle chains will be connected. You can see at the end of the side chain on the right hand some chain links, which give the opportunity to select one of them for the locking mechanism to push through, if it is neccessary to shorten the side chain and make it fit closer to the tyre.

Snowchain closed
locking hooks of the middle chains

Here you see the locks of the middle chains from top and from the side. The last chain link of the middle chain is to be merged into this hook. Attention, the hooks are laying in the wrong direction! The snow chain at all has to be arranged comletely in the other way round!

The lock hook in detail: Attention, I did it wrong! The chain has to be arranged in the other way around, these hooks should be open towards the tyre, not towards the outside!

locking hooks of the middle chains
Snowchain complete, but loose

The complete arranged snow chain. It is a little bit loose. That means on each side the side chains have to be shortened, to get the cahin at all closer to the tyre. The tyre is a new GoodYear with a diameter of nearly 89 cm.


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