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Keys for the Volvo C30x


If you bought an old Volvo C30x, you normaly will get only one ignition key and one key for the doors, if all doors have the same lock. In fear of loss and damage my first action after returning from sweden was to go to the locksmith. At Mister-Minit in Cologne in some hours I got 2 ignition keys and 2 door keys, which were copied from the originals. The price for the 4 keys all together was 24,98 Euro in 2005.

The locksmith gave me the advice not to use the originals anymore, to keep them in a proper shape. With the years the beard of the keys will be worn down, and you need a well original as a guiding shape for the cutting machine. Therefore I put my 2 originals well aside and use the copies only. But I missed the chance to get printed the key codes in the copies.

If you have in your neighbourhood only a poor assorted locksmith or if you have only copies for yourself it may be a problem to get the right key blanks for cutting. Only the right blank has the right profile to fit into the hole in the lock - and there are thousands of them.

When questions about that came up in the forum I started research. I got some key codes from other friendly forum members for reference. A very modern equipped locksmith can cut the keys directly from the computer.

Attention, the many external links will open a lot of new windows or tabs to make it easy to compare the different key profiles.



The original ignition key is from Bosch, the key head shows the logo from Bosch, the symbol of an alternator. The series E has numbers from 1 to 100 and is listed in some key directories as an boat key, i.e. for Volvo Penta. The key numbers I have been told are all with two digits. Reference see morlands.demon.co.uk

The original door key is from the comany D.LaPorte at Wuppertal, the key head shows a logo from three big letters that form the trademark DLP. The key numbers are in the range from 1001 to 1052, the numbers I have been told are all in this range. Reference see morlands.demon.co.uk

The keys from DLP may not be special vehicle keys, but multi purpose keys. It may be that you can't find this keys in vehicle directories but have to search in a wider range of applications.


Copies and notes

My own copies for the ignition key are made from a key blank of Mister-Minit 425. The door keys are made from a key blank Silca LAP1.

Sorin from california mentiones on his web page the key blank ilco NE10 for his copy of the ignition key, for the door key he mentiones the Taylor Lock P72K. In the Yahoo-Group additionaly the ilco BH3 shows up.

W.J.Markering (WJM) told us in my forum about the Silca NE9 for his ignition key and again the Silca LAP1 for the door key.

With this facts in mind I could start my research. One problem was, that in europe and overseas different companies lead the market with different codes for the key blanks.

Ignition  mr.minit nr.425ignition-profile

Ignition Key

The imprint in the soap shows the new profile on the bottom and the original one above. The holes are 7 mm high, but the blank profile may be a little bit higher on the beard side of the key.

The best short-info for the ilco NE10 was at key-man.com. Here the codes from E1 to E100 are quoted correctly together with some alternatives, this range of key blanks is extended by alternatives from the ilco-cross-reference:

ilco NE10 / Dominion NE10 / Silca BH4 / Curtis VL11 / Orion BO10

But the next cross-reference combined with this results produces some errors:

Börkey Errebi Jma Silca Lotus Minit
462,5 K5R CHR6 KI8R KFM19 425
757 NE12 NE13 NE9 NE39 293
680 BO4 BH1 BH4 BSH1 187

If you compare at key-men.com the Silca NE9 with the ilco NE10 they look nearly identical. But at the Silca NE9 the connection between front and backside looks a little bit wider than at the ilco NE10.

If you compare at nwkeys.co.uk the Silca NE9 with Silca BH4, the Silca NE9 seems to be mirrored. May be that is only a problem on the web page, because this key works for WJM. The Silca BH4 is annonced for Bosch, the Silca NE9 for Volvo.

Solution of the mystery: WJM uses the Silca NE9 on a civil C303, with the ignition lock directly at the steering wheel. For the military TGB with the ignition lock in the dashboard the ilco NE10 is right. But I could not find out why the Silca BH4 is equal to the Mister-Minit 187 and not to the 425...

Other links for the Silca BH4 or the ilco NE10 / Curtis VL11 produce at least Bosch for the application or proof the cross reference above. The Silca BH4P is an additional alternative for the Silca BH4, with a plastic head, if you can't get anything better.

The best source along to the Mister-Minit 425, which I use, may be the ilco NE10 or the Silca BH4/BH4P. In the ilco-References for vehicles this key is accossiated with Borgward, L.K.W., Mack and Magirus-Deutz.

door silca LAP1LAP1-Profil

Door Key

Sorry for the blurred picture of the imprints in a piece of soap: on the bottom the new profile, the original above again. The holes are 6,5 mm high, but on the beardside the blank profile may be a little bit higher.

At first the fast cross-reference again:

Börkey Errebi Jma Silca Lotus Minit
615 LP6 PRE1I LAP1 PEA9 195

Starting from the point that WJM and I use the Silca LAP1 you can find good information.: The ilco Referenz produces as an equivalent to the Silca LAP1 then ilco 63L, additional I discovered som in the ilco-cross-reference:

ilco 63L / Taylor S71W / Curtis SB7 / Orion LP10 / Dominion LP10 / Silca LAP1

A german source for the Silca LAP1 assocciates directly to D.LaPorte, what is DLP, as the lock company.

Also NorthWestKeys shows the Silca LAP1 as a key for D.LaPorte.

In the ilco reference the alternatively mentioned ilco BH3 is marked as discontinued for Alfa Romeo, Borgward and LLoyd. At Key-Men you can find additional alternatives like Dominion BH3 / Taylor P72K / Curtis PL14 / Silca BH7 - the profile looks nearly identical to the ilco 63L / Silca LAP1



With the alternatives for key blanks listed here you should have a good chance to find the right blanks at your locksmith, even if he can not identify the existing unmarked duplicates or he does not know our old car...

And everyone who says that making a copy of a key from a print in a piece of soap did never try it!


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