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New Tyres on the Volvo C30x


As I now until now the original tyres are not on stock or available as new tyres. There are only unused old tyres or allready used ones.

The only tyre with the original dimensions it the Silverstone MT117 from Malaysia, based on the original GoodYear Tyre. The actual tyres in 2008 have a double stamp for the size: 280/85-16 and 285/85-16, an EU-approval and the M&S-symbol.

Alternative sizes are 9.00-16 or 255/100-R16, which will have a slightly bigger diameter.



The Michelin XZL is an undestroyable tyre for construction site trucks and expedition trucks. The size of 255/100-R16 should be equivalent to 9.00x16. The tyre is more big and not so wide as the original tyre - but quite heavy. Not so good in the mud it is very good for sand and rocks. The bigger diameter makes it nearly impossible to fit the spare wheel above the rear bumper, but only nearly. You can get these tyres cheaper if the are used or remoulded. Michelin puts this tyre only on a more slim rim, but we have no choice with our Volvos... The pictures and opinion are from Dalton from the Netherlands, many thanks.


Fedima Sirocco

The Fedima Sirocco is said to be a ein remoulded tyre on the base of a Michelin 255/100-R16 and comes from Portugal. The solidity is as like the Michelin, the thread is more intended for M/T, the tyre again a little bit more heavy. The traktion is fantastic, Yankee and Frank_Fireman have these tyres on their C304, and okzip had it on his TGB1111 - he did sent me the pictures, many thanks.


Fedima ADE

The Fedima ADE 35 X 10.50 Trial is like the Fedima Sirocco from Portugal and has a even more agressive thread. The pictures are form Jason from GB, many thanks.


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