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Sockets for the roof top tent on our Volvo C303

4 flat bars under the roof top tent

At the original positions for support two flat bars are mounted under the roof top tent. Two more I mount just in the back end and the front end. Now there are as twice as much screws to hold the tent as before - nice M8 machine screws with strengh 8.8 by DIN.

The holes for the 8 mount points on the roof I have measured before theoretically - a mistake. It ist better to put the tent with the flat bars below onto the roof and adjust it, after that the holes can be drilled in the right positions.

marking the holes on the roof
end of one flat iron

The flat bars under the tent get a hole on each end for the supports on the roof. This hole should be so much outside as neccessary to have space for the drilling machine - 1 or 2 cm more outside than my construction.

From the inside there are 8 counterparts. With 2 screws M6 these counterparts are fixed on the roof, the tent is fixed with the M8-screw in the middle.

counterpart from the inside
counterpart from the inside

The M8-screw-nut is brazed onto the flat iron. Now I can remove the tent later without loosing the screw-nuts. The holes for the M6-screws should be drilled from the top after the tent is adjusted and fixed.

In one position a roof member was blocking the way, there I had to split the counterpart. For this reason the tent is to be moved backwards or forwards some cm to avoid to hit this member drilling the hole for the M8-screw.

splitted counterpart from the inside
support from above

The pieces of aluminium are a base for the M6-screws and produce the distance between the roof and the flat bars under the tent. All counterparts on the inside and all bases on the outside are layed in Sikaflex as a glue and sealing, too. There is still space to the outside.

Here one of the base supports from the frontside - the tent keeps clear from the roof by sitting on the rubber strips on the roof ribs. The flat bars have some prestressing from the screws, that keeps the tent away from hopping up and down.

support from above

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