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Brainstorming for restauration and alteration

A large and complex list

This page is a collection of all the ideas and tasks which may be neccessary for the restauration an alteration of our Volvo C303 "Crossie". It is a hard work to do the right sorting and categorization, a lot of tasks are dependend from others.

Other work will become obsolete by following tasks, but they have to be done to keep the car in an drivable state. I am a little bit frightened of the mass of tasks...

Depending on the progress here will be things to be sorted out, rearranged and some tasks will be moved to the list of success with links to the documentation. In the beginning I will start here with a general decription about the main objectives.


General objectives

We did buy a military version of the Volvo C303, but our usage is a civil one. Therefore we will not have a camouflage bodypaint, but a little bit more luxury and comfort in the cabin an in the altered hold. The car should be drivable with commodity, because we can not transport it on a trailer.

The general look should be preserved as well as the flotation. The wide range of variants which Volvo presented in the brochures in the seventies gives us a lot of possibilities in figuration and alteration. We have the vision of a mixture of a service- and workshop-car - while driving an oldtimer it is an advantage to have the tools at hand all the time.

The interior completion should be modular and flexible, like in the original Volvo most parts will be fixed with screws, not glued or welded. The components in the hold should be removable, but stable enough to last a rough ride in terrain.


Frame and chassis












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