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Clearing the load area of our Volvo C303


If it is not possible to register a Volvo C303 as an oldtimer, if it ist too young or you want to do greater modifications, it is quite expensive as a passenger car. The german tax is calculated by the volume of the engine, and from that he got enough as an old car without injection and catalysator.

If you did find an insurance, which is not too expencive for a light truck, a registration as a truck is a good idea. In the swedish registration is remarked "lastbil" already, but with 7 seats. For a registration as a truck in germany the room for the load has to bee greater than the space for the passengers, and a stable grid or wall should seperate these areas. The windows in the doors can stay windows and doesn't need to be filled with steel plates.



With the back to the seperating wall to the front cabin are mounted two folding seats. Near the roof the headrests are hanging on a bented tube. Attention: The headrests are open to the top and if the roof is not sealed at the hemline to the cabin the rainwater will be collected in there. The holding tubes are very rusty than.

If you want to keep the folding seats you should discuss that carefully with the engineer, who is working on your approval for the german registration. The measurement of the load space and the cabin has to be a little creativ, to keep the load area bigger than 50%, because for the calculation you have to take the folding seats and passengers.

I did not want to take any risc and removed the folding seats completely before driving to the TuV. The threaded holes in the walls were unaparent. My registration now tells: "S.1: 2 / S.2: -- ", that means only 2 seats in the front cabin.

Watch the floor of the load area: It is not straight through, there is a step, where the seat bench nornally is mounted. This step on the most pictures can't be seen!


Seat bench

Backwards of the side doors the load area has a step of 10 cm. Above of that the seat bench is mounted, which can be folded down to the ground in front. Three seats with simple safety belts are fixed on some rubber belts in a heavy steel frame. Near the ground a plank in a steel frame seperates the second load area in the back. Under the roof a heavy grid was mounted at the roll bar with the headrests at it.

This seat bench and everything belonging to it had to be removed as well. Extremly massive joints in front of the wheel cases are constructed to hold 400 kg passengers and the same amoount of load in the back of the vehicle regardless the kind of terrain. More than a dozen screws had to be detached.


Bed members

In the Volvo C303 is a special feature to have the possibility of 4 beds in the load area. In the front and the end of the sides are 4 steel tubes with hooks where 4 hand barrows could be remounted. In the middle of the roof is an eyelet to hang in the other two fasteners, in the front a traverse tube had to be inserted.

20 screw had to be detached before the suspensions for the beds were removed form the load area. In contrast to the seat bench these steel tubes where realtively lightweight.

Ausgeräumter Laderaum unseres Volvo C303

Roll bar

Now only the roll bar was left in the load area. But its funcion was mostly to hold the seat bench and the second seperation grid and to protect passengers in the load space. It is not attached to the roof.

Without passengers the roll bar is not needed anymore. After unscrewing a dozen of screws the load area was empty to the maximum. In total nearly 100 kg material have been removed. It is not as easy as in an Zafira to remove and insert the seats, but everything is revertable.

Aus dem Laderaum des Volvo C303 ausgebauter Schrott

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