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Some things should be removed from our Volvo C303


With the complete approval following §21 StVZO is checked if the vehicle at all is conform to the regulations of its vintage, additional some regulations have to be fullfilled, which are important for the security. For example a direction indicator is statutory for very old oldtimers as well.

Our old Volvo C303 had some parts, where something had to be removed. It seems that the military in every country has more possibilities to modify their vehicles.



At first the carriers for the regiment plates in the front and the back caught attention. They consist from shere steel plates, which are formed to hold a number plate, but sharp edges are left. This is not allowed on public roads, the carrieres should be removed. The edges form the protectors above the back lights should be rounded.

That was no problem for me, but if you want to keep the Volvo C303 mostly original you should talk about that with the engineer. All sharp edges may eventually be protected with some sheath of rubber or plastic.


Exaust pipe

The exaust system on our Volvo C303 is not the original. Some years ago it was exchanged against a system from stainless steel. Unfortunately the tube was a little bit too long and prodruded out of the body on the left side for some cm.

A few inches of the pipe had to be removed. The metall saw and 10 minutes of work solved this problem.



The frame around the back axle is showing corrosion, but that is work for later. In this area the engineer found the fuel pipe was totally rusty from the outside.

One hour work with a smal wire brush and some sand paper together with rust converter from Duplicolor wiped out this failure. The rust converter was combined with epoxy, painting was not neccessary. Ok, I will do it later, but at first the engineer could see what I had done.

At this opportunity I derusted the brake lines on the back axle as well. Here the brake lines are fixed near the suspension with some big clamps from steel. There started the rust, and went on at the brake lines. By the time these clamps will be exchanged, too,


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