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Tilting degrees and angle of the Volvo C303 / C304 / C306

Calculation with one of 4 start values

Tilting in %

Tilting in °

Hight of the center of gravity in cm

Level difference in cm

Value for the selection above!

Track gauge (100-222 cm)

Just calculated (without guarantee)

given tilting percentage is 0 %
given track gauge is 154 cm
calculated tilting angle: 0.00 °
maximum of level difference 0.00 cm

4 tilting calculations

Like every vehicle the Volvo C303 has limits, too. The original Volvo catalogs and the registration documents as well tell weights, angles of tilting and percentage of climbing a hill.

What this values mean for the driving is important for everyone who wants to go into deep terrain or try to put heavy load or additional components to their car. Where and how can I put the load, which passages can I go without damages.

Base values for the calculations is the track gauge of 154 cm from middle of one tire to the other and the tilting percentage of 40% for the Volvo C30x. These values can be changed individual. Also can be calculated backwards from a difference in the level or from an guessed height of the center of gravity.

You can adjust the value for the track gauge if you want to include the width of the tires as well. If you don't have a Volvo you can use the values of your car. The calculated values are allright, only the picture will noch change in width...

The picture below shows the Volvo C304 of Tired Iron from Tennessee with measured(!) more than 30° tilting.

C304 tilting above 30 degrees

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