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How to buy a Volvo C303 ?


If you have decided that you want a Volvo C303, a view at the local newspaper won't be helpfull. The market is small and straightforward and also is the number of cars available. It became international by the internet in the last years. Without intense use of the internet you will not have a big chance. "Google" is your friend and "Volvo C303" or "Volvo TGB" the keywords.

Some experience in using mechanical tools and a drilling machine is required, too. If you did tune up your moped in former years you could gain some routine and basic knowledge. A place to work, a garage or a barn and some money for spare parts and tools should be at hand.

Some carriers provide relativly cheap flights from everywhere in europe to swedish towns, what makes it possible to go there for a weekend to check some vehicles. The ability and time to do such flights would be usefull.

Volvo C30x to sell


Several times a year real auctions take place in Sweden where companies try to sell old material on behalf of the swedish army - some C303 as well. These auctions are hold in swedisch, the locations are often quite remote and you should not forget the swedisch tax of 25%, called "moms". Regular the payment is to do in cash, if you don't buy a whole shipload.

If you can manage such an action and do have enough time you can make a bargain there. I leave that to a swedish middleman, who knows everything about that. Depending on the day of the week and the crowd in place the group of interesseted people can turn to a raging mob and buy trash for astronomical prices. If you are lucky you can get away with 3.000,- Euro, very good cars go awav for more than 4.000,- Euro. In every case you can have a close look at the car, but normally no test drive.

Down the page you can see a video from the situation on an auction in Sweden from 2007.

Auktion in the internet


At internet auctions you can find sometimes a Volvo C303, too. The prices in northern europe stay between 4.000,- and 5.000,- Euro, very good cars go away for more than 7.000,- Euro. In Great Britain the price range is higher, resulting in the more expensive transport. In the USA very good cars have ben sold for mor than 17.000 US$, you have to calculate 10.000 US$ as minimum.

A disadvantage with internet auctions is the limited flow of information in a situation of time pressure. Is the seller willing to give all infromation? If the reserve bet is not met you can start negotiations with the offerer and exchange informations with a lot of time. The case contakt starts.

Helmut in Peckfitz


On some internet plattforms for private sales of cars you can find Volvo C303 as well. In Sweden there are allways some offers, but you have to have a close look at the location and the condition of the vehicles. If the car is to pick up in northern sweden even a very good price is relative. Often you can find here older cars without the alu-zinc body, that is something for rust specialists. Realy good exemplars will find a swedish buyer before you can be in place. Here also the case contakt may start.

Meanwhile there is a dealer in Hamburg who imports Volvo C303 and prepares it for selling in Germany. For less than 5.000 Euro you can get a car with 2 years TuV (technical approval), with that it should be no problem to get it registered everywhere. Not only the expense of the import itself is done, I hope that the specialized dealer did allso the work to make a full approval following the 21 of the german StVZO to get a german title. In every case you can have a close look to the cars here and eventually can have a test drive.

The prices they want are above 10.000 Euro sometimes in mid 2007 - that is too much by my opinion.

at home with johan oosterbosch


Some offerers have own intenet sites, where they at least can give you a contact to a swedish middleman. If you go through some discussion groups about offroad driving you can find postings about that or an offerer elswhere, too. With this addresses you can start a non-binding request by e-mail.

Depending on the person you get contact to in sweden or somewhere else there can develop a very intense exchange of information. None of the offerers will sell obviously trash to you, for such an action the market is too small an the reputation is ruined too fast. But you should ask everything from interest in advance and take chance to get a lot of digital fotos. On a base of respecting and trusting each other you should relativly early negotiate about the price and the assured quality of the car.

Then you have the possibility to fetch the car by yourself or to get it delivered to your country, if the negotiations are successfull. Focal point of the market is Gothenburg in southern sweden, there start ferries to Germany and England.

I prefer the possibility of going there and fetch the car by myself. Depending on the day of the week and the season you do not need to book the ferry in advance and you can have a test drive with the offerer. If you made a deal about a bad car and don't want it anymore, you only have to write off the travel costs. If you have ordered a delivery to your harbour and then don't take the car - I don't want to be in that situation. As said before the market is small an the reputation is ruined fast.

Jens and Frank in the ferry of stenaline from gothenburg to kiel

Video from an auktion in Sweden

Video zum Thema

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