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Installing the roof top tent on our Volvo C303

gluing rubber strips as base support

To give the roof top tent a good base to sit on and to let the air flow underneath I glue stripes of 8mm thick rubber onto the longitudinal ribs of the roof. Where the support has to cross I leave a gap. Yes, Sikaflex works in the rain, too...

With the help of my colleague Robin I lifted the roof top tent upwards from the front side. The 68 kg were a lot - we have been so lucky to have someone passing by, who helped us - after some seconds the tent was on top.

OK, the tent is on top...
the roof top tent fits not correctly

Because I had drilled the holes in the roof too early the tent with its support did not fit exactly. Some holes I had to drill again a little bigger. In this situation the supports were quite short on each side - 1 or 2 cm more on each side would have made the drilling close to the tent more easy.

The tent is mounted really close to the roof. I had to bend the edges of the locks to get them closed. You can see that there is space enough on the outside to make the supports 1 or 2 cm wider.

modified locks on the roof top tent
roof top tent from left hand front

The roof top tent of 220x145cm looks quite small on the Volvo. The aeroynamic profile looks good, too...

From the backside the roof top tent is modest in appearance on the Volvo. If I dismount it only 8 little supports are left - nearly invisible.

roof top tent from right hand backside
with roof top tent in the terrain in Peckfitz

In the terrain I feel no disadvantage - the tent is not as heavy as the machine gun, wich could be mounted in that place.

In the camp in the evening the roof top tent can show its advantages: open up, crawl in and feel well! In the back the open hatch, were I can climb down into the hold.

roof top tent on the Volvo C303 in action

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